Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Georgia Debt-Relief Lawyers Using the Right Tool for the Job

You wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to hang a painting, but if you need to break up some sidewalk, it’s perfect. It’s the same with debt-relief. If you are struggling with debt, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13bankruptcy are potentially great options for you but not necessarily. There are some important alternatives to bankruptcy that we have found more appropriate than bankruptcy for many of our satisfied clients.

Our Atlanta debt-relief attorneys understand that every case is different. At The Slomka Law Firm, we take a tailored approach. We have the experience and resources to help you with whatever debt problems you are having, yet we remain a small enough firm to give each client the attention needed to provide the highest quality legal services. Contact us today.

Atlanta Attorneys With Solutions

If bankruptcy is not the best choice for you, for whatever reason, we can look into:

  • Debt negotiation: Sometimes we can work with creditors to minimize interest rates or come up with an overall payment plan that is more manageable for a client.
  • Loan refinancing and modification: Refinancing and loan mods are popular solutions, but these can be dangerous. Read a word about the possible benefits and dangers of loan modifications.
  • Budgeting: The vast majority of people looking for a lawyer for debt-relief solutions need a much more powerful solution than some simple tweaks of a budget, but every now and then, the problem is a lot less severe than the client thinks. The solution can be found by limiting expenses or some other budgetary approach. Again, this is rare.

One of the most important reasons why you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney is that we have knowledge in many different forms of debt-relief options. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with thorough, comprehensive case evaluations to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you or if you should pursue one of these other debt-relief options.

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To learn more about alternatives to bankruptcy that might work for you, contact us for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta debt-relief attorneys. We have offices located in Marietta and Atlanta for your convenience.