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It is hard to see things clearly when you are dealing with excessive debt. Because of the emotions involved and the pressure you are under, it might seem like an all-or-nothing situation, as though the only option you have is to file bankruptcy.

There might be a better way for you, though. Contact us. You can sit down with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys at a free initial consultation. We will look at your financial situation to help you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you and, if not, what alternatives to bankruptcy might be available.

Benefits of Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation can be a great debt-relief solution for many of our clients. Our experienced Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys can help you:

  • Avoid bankruptcy: Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy present great options for many of our clients, but as a general rule, you want to avoid bankruptcy unless it is absolutely necessary, because there are some far-reaching consequences. In many cases, debt negotiation is a great alternative to bankruptcy.
  • Salvage your credit report: One of the things we always try to do in our debt negotiations is make sure that we have the negotiated debt read “satisfied in full” or “paid in full” — something to that effect — on your credit report. This is an important aspect of the negotiation, because otherwise, the debt will continue to weigh down your credit score indefinitely.
  • Save your home or save your car: Most creditors will weigh the cost of being flexible with your debt. They balance this cost against the alternative costs: collections agency costs, the costs of litigation, and the losses they will take with foreclosures or repossessions. In many cases, they will find that it is much more in their interests to agree to a lower interest rate, monthly payment or even principal. For many of our satisfied clients, debt negotiation has saved their homes or cars.

Let us help you. One of the most important reasons why you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney from The Slomka Law Firm, is that we can help you determine what debt-relief solution or solutions will work best in your case. We don’t simply run our clients through a bankruptcy mill; we help each client find the most efficient path to get a fresh start financially.

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To learn more about how we can help you hit the reset button on your finances, either through bankruptcy or some other alternative, contact us for a free initial consultation with a Georgia debt-relief lawyer.