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For many people considering filing for bankruptcy or hiring a Chapter 13 attorney in Atlanta, one of the biggest issues is lack of knowledge about the process. Most people considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy do not have any experience, and there are a lot of bankruptcy myths that lead people astray.

Client testimonial: “This was so much easier than I thought. You guys made this seem easy and less stressful than I imagined. I absolutely felt the introductory phone message was so helpful and taught us just enough to understand the process. And, yeah, I loved the joke on the phone message – it made me realize that you were real people just trying to help out. There was no pressure with you guys.” — J. Pauley

Contact one of our Atlanta based Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys. We can help you through the beginning to end of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is much like the process of a Chapter 7, with a few steps added in.

  • Initial consultation and information gathering: The first thing you do is come and meet with one of our Atlanta Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at your free initial consultation. We will discuss whether you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you. If you decide to go forward with filing a bankruptcy petition, we will give you a bring-back packet to gather all the information and everything you need to file for bankruptcy. Click here to learn what to bring to our first meeting when you plan to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Atlanta.
  • Filing: Once the information is gathered, our Chapter 13 attorneys based out of Atlanta will help you file for bankruptcy. Before filing, however, there is a mandatory credit counseling course that you will be required to take, and there will be another one required before receiving discharge from the court. One thing unique about The Slomka Law Firm, is that the costs of these credit counseling courses are included as part of your Chapter 13 attorney costs. Very few Atlanta law firms offer that kind of client care.
  • Meeting with trustee: We will meet with the trustee at some point after you file to discuss the details. Between filing and discharge, there are a couple of steps that are additional to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process, especially if we are stripping a second mortgage for you or reaffirming any of your debt.
  • Confirmation hearing: This is the most important procedural difference from the Chapter 7 process. A trustee and Judge must review and approve the detailed Chapter 13 plan that we will prepare for you.

Our Chapter 13 attorneys in Atlanta handle the planning and negotiation behind the scenes. In most cases, our clients don’t even need to show up for the confirmation hearing with the judge when filing for bankruptcy. We’ll handle that for you.

  • Discharge: Although the timeline can vary a little from one case to the next, depending on complexity, generally the process of filing for bankruptcy in Atlanta and other Georgia cities is pretty simple and the Chapter 13 timeline only takes four months or so.

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