What Debts Can Be Eliminated in a Chapter 7?


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Eliminating Debt • Eliminating the Mystery

One of the biggest challenges for people considering bankruptcy is getting a handle on the truth regarding Chapter 7. Many people have no idea what kinds of debt can be eliminated in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, and frankly, there are a lot of bankruptcy myths out there just adding to the confusion.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not supposed to be a mystery. At The Slomka Law Firm, we focus on helping our clients understand their rights and options, as well as the different debt consolidation and bankruptcy alternatives available in Atlanta. Our Georgia bankruptcy lawyers have a wealth of experience helping clients through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process and with debt consolidation in Atlanta.

Eliminate Your Debt

Chapter 7 can eliminate almost all types of unsecured debt, including:

  • Medical debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans

In many cases, we can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a way to eliminate or reduce other forms of debt, or to reaffirm some good debts, so that you can save your home, save your car and get a fresh start. We can also help eliminate a large portion of other, non-dischargeable debt through bankruptcy alternatives like debt negotiation and loan modification.

A Special Note About Student Loans and Bankruptcy

In most cases, student loans are not dischargeable through bankruptcy. However, because these debts are long term, low interest and easily deferrable, they are frequently much more manageable after discharging other, more expensive debts through bankruptcy.

When you work with The Slomka Law Firm, we will take the time to get the information we need right from the free initial consultation, so we can give you good advice about whether you qualify for bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you. Then we will walk you through the entire process so that you get the best outcome possible for debt consolidation in Atlanta.

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