Bankruptcy Myths

Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys Setting the Record Straight

Many people wait way too long to contact an attorney to learn about filing for bankruptcy. One of the biggest reasons for this is the large number of bankruptcy myths that people believe. If you are deeply in debt to the point of considering bankruptcy, don’t take advice from people who might not know what they’re talking about. Contact an experienced Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer from The Slomka Law Firm to learn the truth about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Myths

These are just a few of the most popular bankruptcy myths that we have encountered:

  • I will lose my car, home and everything else that is valuable to me in bankruptcy.

In most cases, our bankruptcy clients keep everything dear to them. There is lot that we can do to save your car and home, eliminate medical debt and eliminate credit card debt.

  • I will never be able to get credit again.

This is simply false. There are some important do’s and don’ts before bankruptcy and after bankruptcythat are important to follow for you to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, but it is certainly possible. There is life after bankruptcy!

  • I am in a high income bracket. This means I am not eligible for bankruptcy.

Not necessarily. Talk with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys at a free initial consultation. We can look at your income, assets and liabilities, running them through the bankruptcy means test to seewhether you qualify for bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you.

  • Because of the extent of my debt, I have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy.

On the contrary, there are many bankruptcy alternatives that we can explore with you, including debt negotiation and loan refinancing.

  • Filing for bankruptcy is a tremendously difficult and stressful procedure.

Not when you work with The Slomka Law Firm. We will help you through the Chapter 7 process or the Chapter 13 process, taking on the legal burdens for you so that you can hit the reset button on your finances and get a fresh start.

  • Filing Bankruptcy will cost too much for it to even be worth it. All the money I would have saved will go to the lawyers’ fees.

At The Slomka Law Firm, we do everything to keep our costs reasonable for our clients. The cost of Chapter 7 and the cost of Chapter 13 are a lot lower than you probably think.

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