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Georgia Bankruptcy Success Stories

Some people considering bankruptcy feel like they are all alone. Sometimes, they don’t know anyone else who has been through the process. For many people who are facing serious debt, it is a great encouragement to hear stories of other people who have gone through the Chapter 7 process or the Chapter 13 process successfully.

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Our Clients' Bankruptcy Success Stories

  • Here is a small sampling of the amazing stories of the clients we have helped through bankruptcy (the names have been changed, of course, for our clients’ privacy).

    Saving Our Client’s House and Car

    When Sam first came to our office, he had a house that was about to be foreclosed; he owed four months of back mortgage payments. Both he and wife drove cars with notes on them that they were paying every month.

    Together, we came up with a Chapter 13 plan for paying the back mortgages with zero penalties. Sam and his wife made monthly payments that they could manage to the trustee which paid off the car notes and the mortgage arrearages. This literally helped them save their home and save their car.

Sam and his wife paid off both of their cars and their home with payments to the bankruptcy trustee that were lower than just their car payments were before starting the Chapter 13 process.

Eliminating Credit Card Debt and Eliminating Medical Debt

Cindy was experiencing the classic case of sudden overwhelming debt. Due to unforeseen health problems, Cindy had acquired excessive medical debt combined with credit card debt. By the time our Georgia bankruptcy lawyers got involved, she had more than $100,000 in credit card and medical debt. She was out of work at the time and living on Social Security in a house that she wanted to keep but didn’t think she could manage financially.

We filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on her behalf and got a discharge from her debts. After being more than $100,000 in debt with no substantial income, Cindy was able to get a fresh start on her finances, remain in her home and have all of her pre-existing, unsecured debts discharged through the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process.

Stripping Off a Second Mortgage

Robert was only a few months behind on his mortgage, but more than a year behind on his second mortgage. He and his wife had more than $150,000 in unsecured debt. We were able to file Robert singly, however, keeping his wife out of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Doing this, we were able to strip their second mortgage, which made their house payments manageable again. By stripping off their second mortgage the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process, they received a discharge of all unsecured debts and were able to keep their home through the Chapter 13 stripping off of their

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These are just a few of the success stories we have been a part of. If you are considering bankruptcy as a debt-relief solution, contact us today.