Chapter 7 Process


Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping You Through the Chapter 7 Process

One of the most common bankruptcy myths is that bankruptcy is a terribly complicated, time-consuming process. The reality, however, is that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not as complicated as many people think.

A big reason why you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney is to help you simplify this process. AtThe Slomka Law Firm, our Georgia bankruptcy lawyers can help you through the Chapter 7 process.

Chapter 7 Process Overview

This is a basic overview of the process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Free initial consultation: The first thing you will need to do is meet with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers for a free consultation. Will discuss whether you qualify for bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you. Click here to learn what you need to bring to our initial consultation.
  • Bring-back package: At the initial meeting we will give you a bring-package to fill out and return, with your personal information and the income data that we will need for filing bankruptcy. Click here to learn what to prepare when filing for bankruptcy.
  • Filing: Once we have all the information and documentation in order, we will file a petition for bankruptcy with the court. The timeline for the entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy process in Georgia is not as lengthy as you might think.
  • Meet with the trustee: The bankruptcy trustee is charged with liquidating assets and paying off the creditors. Of course, in most cases we can shelter our clients’ assets with lawful exemptions and the trustee will not liquidate any assets at all. There is the opportunity to terminate any bad contracts or to reaffirm good debts for property you wish to retain.
  • Discharge: If you qualify and all the documentation and filing has been done properly, you will receive a discharge of your unsecured debt, a chance to hit the reset button on your finances.

We tell our clients that the most important thing to keep in mind throughout this Chapter 7 bankruptcy process is to be open and honest with us. Keep up with getting us the forms we need and let us know right away if you have a change of occupation or other significant financial change. We are experienced bankruptcy attorneys. If you are honest and open with us, we can help you get a fresh start financially, like we have helped so many of our satisfied clients.

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If you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy or an debt-relief alternative to bankruptcy in Georgia, contact us. For our clients’ convenience, we have an office in Marietta and in midtown Atlanta. Let us help you.