Automatic Stay

Atlanta Debt-Relief Attorneys Helping You Stop Creditor Harassment

If you are in debt, the concept of creditor harassment is not foreign to you. Most people begin to dread checking the mail or the sound of a phone call and the rude treatment from the collection agents. It seems like there is no place you can hide from the constant pressure of insurmountable debt.

However, when you file for bankruptcy, your creditors are forced to stop almost all forms of collections activities by force of law. This is called an “automatic stay.” At The Slomka Law Firm, we have the Atlanta automatic stay attorneys and a dedicated staff who are well-versed in the laws regulating the automatic stay. We can help make sure your rights are protected in this regard and you get the breathing room you need when petitioning the court for bankruptcy relief.

Stop Creditor Harassment

The automatic stay is one of the most immediate benefits of bankruptcy, giving you:

  • Breathing room: When the creditors quit calling you and filling your mailbox, you will have a chance to take a breath and figure things out financially.
  • A chance to catch up: The automatic stay from collections activities will also give you an opportunity to gather some financial resources to back some of the debts on your most valued properties. This is especially helpful for the Chapter 13 process and reaffirming good debts as part of the Chapter 7 process.
  • Stop wage garnishments: Since all collections activities have to stop once you file a bankruptcy petition, your creditors can no longer garnish your wages, at least until the bankruptcy procedure is finished.

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If you are sick of creditors calling you constantly and want the creditor harassment to stop, contact usfor a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers. We can discusswhether you qualify for bankruptcy and whether bankruptcy is right for you. Perhaps there are other options, some bankruptcy alternatives that would be a better choice for your circumstances.