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Creditor harassment: This is one of the worst parts of being in debt. Creditors and their collections agents are exuberant, tireless in their collections efforts. You probably have the voice mail messages and U.S. mail collection to vouch for this.

Contact us. Our Atlanta debt-relief lawyers can help you put a stop to the harassment. When you hire us and we file for bankruptcy on your behalf, you can tell them to call your attorney at The Slomka Law Firm, and we’ll take from there.

Debt-Relief Attorneys Helping You Stop Creditor Harassment

There are many ways that we can help you stop creditor harassment, including:

  • Automatic stay: When you file for bankruptcy, creditors and their agents have to cease all of their collections activities until the process is complete. This has provided a great opportunity for our satisfied clients to get some breathing room and regain some freedom in their lives during the bankruptcy process.
  • Get a fresh start: We can liquidate your debts through the Chapter 7 process or a workable repayment plan through the Chapter 13 process. Either way, you will have a chance to hit the reset button and get on top of your debts.
  • Bankruptcy alternatives: Through debt negotiation or loan refinancing and modification, we can often work out some kind of new arrangement with your creditors that makes it more reasonable for you to keep up with your payments, eliminating their motivation for harassing you any further.

We have many satisfied clients who have felt the weight lift from their shoulders when the harassing calls, letters and wage garnishments stopped. If you are buried in debt and tired of being harassed by your creditors and their agents, contact us.

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