Atlanta Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Businesses in the Atlanta area or other regions in Georgia that are facing financial distress may be able to find debt relief through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In this type of bankruptcy, debt is reorganized and a repayment plan is established.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is well suited for businesses that wish to continue operating in the future. It allows businesses to repay a certain amount of their debt under a court approved plan. The business will be required to provide monthly reports, disclosure statements and other documents as a part of their plan.

The Slomka Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, has attorneys who can represent businesses of all sizes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. If your business is struggling to stay afloat, talk to an Atlanta Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney from our firm about your debt relief options.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Basics

Some businesses simply need time to restructure and reorganize their finances before moving on toward a more profitable future. At The Slomka Law Firm, our Atlanta based attorneys can help determine if a restructuring plan through Chapter 11 bankruptcy is right for your business.

Here is some additional information about Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

  • Unlike a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan which lasts three or five years, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy repayment plan may last for an indefinite amount of time.
  • As soon as a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Atlanta, an automatic stay goes into effect. This stops all creditor harassment, repossession, foreclosure, and other collection actions against the business.
  • Although Chapter 11 bankruptcy is typically utilized by businesses, individuals can also file under this chapter. However, individual debtors typically file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Talk to a lawyer from our firm to learn more about Chapter 11 bankruptcy and your business’ options.

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows businesses to restructure and repay many of their debts. If you are interested in learning more about specific options for your business, please contact our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta online or call (678) 732-0001. We offer a free initial consultation.

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