Avoiding Home Foreclosure


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There are few more stressful and intimidating situations than being unable to make your mortgage payments and waiting for foreclosure. This is a situation faced by thousands of Georgians and their families over the past few years, with foreclosures in Fulton County, Cobb County, DeKalb County, and Gwinnett County consistently the highest in our state.

At The Slomka Law Firm, our Atlanta based foreclosure attorneys know that the crash in property values and other adverse economic factors may have made it literally impossible for you to handle your mortgage while servicing other debts. We offer practical, effective solutions and loan modifications that may enable you to save your house and emerge in a far better overall financial position.

Chapter 13 May Be the Home-Saving Solution for You

Please do not fall victim to the false perception that filing personal bankruptcy always means giving up your home. For many people and under a range of circumstances, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing with the help of an Atlanta foreclosure attorney is far and away the best answer. It may offer the ability to:

  • Bring a near-immediate halt to foreclosure proceedings against you while we formulate a detailed plan that can work for you
  • Allow you to catch up on missed mortgage payments and bring your loan current over a period of three to five years while you stay in your home
  • Eliminate substantial portions of some debts and restructure others, including burdensome credit card balances, which may free up funds to pay your most important obligations
  • Rid yourself of a second or even third mortgage on your house through a step called lien stripping available under Chapter 13 laws, if these loans are no longer secured due to the drop in your home’s market value

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Whether you have already tried other strategies for avoiding home foreclosure in Georgia, such as seeking a loan modification, or you want dependable information on all your options, our Atlanta based foreclosure attorneys can help.

The sooner you contact our experienced foreclosure attorneys in fact, the more viable options you may have. At our law offices in Atlanta and Marietta, we are focused on helping people save their homes and press the RESET button on their finances with options like loan modifications.

We are a debt relief agency. Our Atlanta based foreclosure attorneys help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.