Costs of Chapter 13


How Much Will You Pay for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Georgia?

A big concern for many people considering bankruptcy is the cost. It makes sense; the entire point of bankruptcy is to alleviate or eliminate excessive debt. If you end up paying more than you save, it just isn’t worth it. This is where our or Atlanta debt settlement and consolidation attorneys shine.

We understand that you are seeking out a debt consolidation attorney in Atlanta, which probably means you don’t want to spend any more than necessary on the process. When you work with The Slomka Law Firm, we do everything we can to keep the costs and fees of our Atlanta debt settlement attorneys to a minimum for our clients.

Costs for Chapter 13 With The Slomka Law Firm

The Filing Fee for a Chapter 13 is $310 and payment options are available with as little as $75.00 down. Atlanta debt consolidation attorney fees dependent on the case and paid through the Chapter 13.

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To learn more about the costs associated with Chapter 13, as well as some alternatives to bankruptcy that might work for you, contact us today. One of our Atlanta debt settlement attorneys will discuss your rights and options with you at your free initial consultation.