“I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013 and I will speak about my experience in 2 parts. The first part is my experience with the bankruptcy filing and completion. One thing that is REALLY important to me is communication and the feeling that my concerns are being addressed and the time is taken with me in my appointments. I really appreciated that Mr. Slomka never rushed me out of an appointment, always answered my questions clearly so I could understand, and gave me the attention I needed to feel that my case mattered. The process was surprisingly fast and required very little of me outside of providing all the information he would ask for. The entire process was completed in a handful of months and we were so happy with the end result I have referred him to a number of friends who were also effected by the mortgage crash!
Second part of my review…3 years later, we have built our credit back up to over 700, continued with being debt free, and worked hard to get financially strong again. We had fallen victim to the mortgage crash and this is why we needed to file (adjustable rate mortgage made our mortgage unaffordable). The experience since filing bankruptcy has exceeded my expectations. My best suggestion after filing is to continue to work toward becoming financially stable and maintain a debt free lifestyle. THERE IS LIFE AFTER BANKRUPTCY!! If you are worried about it, don’t be, the stigma behind it is something of the past and not something you should concern yourself with today.”

- Veronica Sitterding

“After researching and meeting with 2 other law firms I somehow stumbled across the Slomka Law Firm. Upon entering the office I met current client of theres who had nothing but great things to say about the people in the office. After my visit and meeting with Howie I know why she spoke so highly of them. The Slomka Law Firm kicks major @$$…..they gave me the greatest piece of mind possible. They are very personable, understanding, and down to earth. They would be a GREAT firm to anyone looking for legal counsel. Howie, Jeff, Jennifer, Marsi, and Shawn, thanks for making me feel like a person and not just a number with some dollar signs attached.”

- A.W.

“I found Slomka to be a very professional and helpful. Even after “my” Chapter 7 less than 8 months ago I have purchased a new car and my husband and I have moved into our new home. There is truly life after bankruptcy. Thank you Slomka & Howie for allowing me to regain control of my life financially.”

- M.G.

“Honest and Professional ! I ran across Slomka Law Firm after having had a bad experience with another firm. Not only did they get me straightened out with the other attorneys but they walked me through my bankruptcy and did not charge an arm and both legs. The entire process was quick, accurate and they explained everything. Jeff, Shawn and Marsi really took care of me in what could have been a very stressful and difficult time. If you are in need of any attorney go see these guys. I have and still highly recommend them.”

- J.T.

“When I researched Law Firms to help with my first bankruptcy. I was very optimistic who i provided my information to. Other agencies made me feel that they were solely out for money.

When I came to Slomka Law Firm for a consultation, it was a totally different atmosphere than previous experience. Slomka law firm is more than a firm that specialize in bankruptcy but a family that wants nothing but the best for you. Being this was my first experience with bankruptcy, Howie, Jennifer and staff made this an smooth transition to a fresh start.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SLOMKA LAW FIRM TO ANYONE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR THE PROFESSIONALISM AS WELL AS FAMILY EXPERIENCE!!! Thanks Howie and Jennifer for providing me and my family the ultimate experience!!! I promise you will see alot of people referred from the Jackson family!!! God Bless.”

- D'Arrah J.

“I was facing a garnishment that was served to my employer on a Tuesday. By Thursday evening, my bankruptcy was filed. They stayed until almost 6PM to make sure that the paperwork was complete and that I would have the proper documentation to provide my employer the following morning when payroll was to be done. They are very friendly and helpful. I never review ANY SERVICE but I felt compelled to write a review for this firm. When I met Mr. Slomka the first time, one of the first things he said to me was that he loves what he does. That is very apparent I would HIGHLY recommend this firm for anyone filing bankruptcy.”

- Liz R.

“Howard and his Firm made things so easy and effortless for me. They did all the heavy lifting of the process so I can keep my normal business schedule. I would say the biggest reason I chose Slomka Law Firm was the simplistic pricing structure. They didn’t do the nickel and dime that other Law Firms are notorious for. I would highly recommend Howard and the Slomka Law Firm to anyone who is looking for advice and legal counsel.”

- Rob

“I found the Slomka Law Firm very professional and competent in all matters pertaining to my case.”

- William H.

“Great service. I came to the firm after doing some research online and found Mr. Slomka (Howie) to be very knowledgeable and professional. I had a bankruptcy case that closed over 10 years ago, but still had items on a credit report and in the court system that had not been addressed properly by the creditor’s attorney’s. Mr. Slomka addressed the issues and filed the papers that cleared the court system and my credit report. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone that has financial issues, he’s very responsive and professional.”

- John G.

“I would like to say on my first visit I was wowed at how they were friendly an very concerned about my financial situation. I thought I would be embarrassed but that wasn’t the case I would strongly recommend Slomka Law firm to anyone that are experiencing financial hardship. Great experience :)”

- T.W.

“Most honest attorneys I ever met. They listened to me and helped me make an educated decision. My bankruptcy saved me money every month and discharged loads of debts. I have never slept better. They were fair, and did everything they said they would, and treated me like a queen.”

- H.P.

“I came to the Slomka Law Firm with a financial problem and they took my case and with expedience and efficiency I can honestly say I found them to be TOTALLY efficient. Everything they said they would do, they did. Marsi Truelove was a pleasure to work with. I even came back after my discharge and they quickly got on the phone and made my last creditor go away quietly. I recommend them to anyone!!”

- Eugene M.

“I should have come to you guys in the first place! You have got it going on. In our first meeting you knew more about my case and what to do next then my other attorney ever knew. You are the man! My wife is gonna love it when I explain our case to her and tell her about you guys.”

- Thomas S.

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again. You are the best lawyer that I have ever met. You hear so many things about lawyers being sharks, only out for money, etc…. the opposite could be said about you and I am so lucky that I found you that day when we were going through all of our troubles.If you ever need�anything�(a truck with a strong guy for moving for the day, computer advice, etc…) for you or your family, please do not hesitate to ask.”

- Robert

“From our very first meeting with Howie Slomka and Shawn Eisenberg, my husband and I knew they were exceptional bankruptcy lawyers who are also compassionate about helping others. Howie and Shawn were recommended by a close family friend. They understood the intense stress that we felt in dealing with creditors calling daily and wanting to be paid, while we were to the point of simply fighting to keep a roof over our head, lights on, and food on the table for our family. Listen to me: going through a Bankruptcy is not easy and it requires “Expert” help. Howie and Shawn worked with our creditors, other lawyers, and the Bankruptcy Trustee in a way that showed us their great knowledge of the system. They qualify as “Experts”. We feel lucky to have had Howie and Shawn work with us. And I am finally able to sleep at night knowing that they are in our corner. We recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance.”

- Jo-Ann K.

“I did research online, to check out different lawyers to hire. The Slomka Law Firm was the only firm that listed their fees. I have never seen this and I was extremely impressed. My experience with lawyers was that they were not up front with information, and especially how much their services would be. By posting their fees, I regarded this group as much more honest, and open. The money information was listed so that I didn’t have to waste my time interviewing different lawyers and find out that their prices were unreasonable. My boyfriend and I met Howie (lawyer) today and I was comforted with his honesty and his expertise. He is very down to earth and very personable. He takes the time to clarify the details and answer our questions. The fees that were listed in their ad were accurate. There are no hidden fees. Straight forward information with no tricks. I am very pleased our choice with The Slomka Law Firm.”

- Lisa L.

“I think you are a Superman Lawyer. Thanks for all you have explained and done for me.”

- Bob M.

“Your knowledge, expertise and drive to work with and for me is somewhat of an inspiration and hope for me. I truly do appreciate what you’re doing from the bottom of my heart. Howard, once again, thank you.”

- Joseph M.

“My experience with Slomka Law Firm was wonderful. The entire process was painless and not as intimidating as I assumed. The staff was friendly and showed a lot of concern for our individual situation. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking assistance.”

- Belinda

“Mr. Slomka did a great job. He did everything he promised and more. I would definitely recommend him if you need a lawyer.”

- Billy

“I love you guys. You guys are awesome. Even though my case is over, I still call with questions and you always know just what to say. Thanks to Howie and the whole staff for always going above and beyond and for showing that you care about us.”

- Bob E.

“Shawn, THANK SO MUCH!!! You guys have been great through this entire process and has made this one of the Best, Worse experiences of our life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”

- C.J.

“After meeting and interviewing several attorneys regarding our situation, and considering all options, we selected the Slomka Law Firm to represent us in our Bankruptcy case.They were very consultative about our options, and helped guide us through our decision making process. Expectations were very straightforward and everything was thoroughly explained.In a difficult time in our lives, they made this a very low stress process with no surprises, and provided the personal attention that we were looking for.If you are considering Bankruptcy, I would highly recommend contacting the Slomka Law firm.”

- R.S.

“Thanks. You guys give lawyers a good name!”

- Sue H.

“After searching the web for a lawyer to file chapter 13, I chose the Slomka Law Firm because on my very first call, one night, I actually spoke with Howie Slomka! These are real people who understand; not just a faceless law firm. Good Bye Stress. Thanks Slomka Law Firm.”

- Carlotta B.

“This was so much easier than I thought. You guys made this seem easy and less stressful than I imagined. I absolutely felt the introductory phone message was so helpful and taught us just enough to understand the process. And, yeah, I loved the joke on the phone message – it made me realize that you were real people just trying to help out. There was no pressure with you guys.”

- J.P.

“Filing Ch. 13 was the absolute hardest, but best thing I ever could have done. I was embarrassed and felt so irresponsible….felt pretty much like a looser. After speaking with Mr. Slomka and reviewing the circumstances that brought me to this situation, he really helped me to understand that just because I am in this situation now, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am all the awful things I thought I was. Further, his guidance through the process and ability to understand my situation really made it much more bearable. ….Three years down the road, things actually couldn’t be better. Granted, the sting of being under the umbrella of the Bankruptcy court is a bit unnerving; however, I am now able to handle daily living expenses without worrying which credit card to put it on; I’m not worried about the random “unaddressed” letters that would fill my mail box and when my phone rings I’m not afraid to answer it!! Thanks for giving me my life back Mr. Slomka!!!! And I hope I never have to use your services again…I say that in a good way though.”

- A.

“I felt very welcome. Shawn was very knowledgeable. He was firm and direct when needed, but showed a lot of sensitivity to my needs. Howie was a big help at my hearings and I felt in good hands the whole time.”

- N.G.

“Holy Cow! That was what I said to Howie when I realized how the plan would help me. I had no idea I could pay less than my car payments and get all that debt paid off AND pay off the car too!”

- D.M.

“For an attorney, you’re the nicest fellow I’ve ever met. You explain things so I can understand it. You told us upfront what it would cost, and there were no hidden fees. You were honest and nice. I think you’re great and I’d recommend you to my friends. You had a personality!”

- Randall P.

“Everyone at the Slomka Firm was very nice and professional. They made this unpleasant experience more than bearable. I would highly recommend the Slomka law firm to anyone needing to go through a bankruptcy. They help you explore all your options. Then take you through step by step.”

- C.M.

“I do greatly appreciate every thing that you and your law firm has done for me and for being so patient with me while I was going through my hard times. I will always refer your firm to anyone that I know that is going through some hardship. And before I forget I did find a private owner that was willing to give me a chance with their condo, thank you for getting my confidence up to go forward with finding a place to live, I move in February. Again Thank You for Everything.”

- D.S.

“I would like to express my appreciation for your expert professionalism and assistance in this matter. I will recommend your firm to my friends, family and the community of your efficiency and excellent services on the Internet.”

- Jean B.

“Howie, I want to thank you again for your wonderful help and the great legal work your firm put forward for my situation. You did a great job and I won’t forget that, count on my friendship and please call on me should you ever need my assistance with anything. I really appreciate you Howie.”

- David H.

“We send our sincere professional ‘thank you’ to all the staff at Slomka law Firm. We recommend you without hesitation and appreciate your help along the way… We asked A LOT of questions, and you answered them all, every time.”

- Frank K.

“I would like to express my appreciation for your expert professionalism and assistance in this matter. I will recommend your firm to my friends, family and the community of your efficiency and excellent services on the Internet.”

- Jean B.

“I’m incredibly impressed with the overall level of service you’ve provided to-date and look forward to a smooth process as I go through what is obviously a difficult situation to deal with.”

- Ryan K.

“I want to say thank you to everyone (Jeff, Marsi, Jennifer, and Mr. Slomka) at the Slomka Law Firm. All of you have been remarkably helpful, courteous and patient with me and my many questions and concerns throughout this process. Thanks so very much for everything.”

- Donald S.

“We are very happy with Slomka Law Firm! Howie , Jeff, and Jennifer really took time out to help us in every way. They are a reliable law firm , They were very helpful and patient and worked out a payment plan that fit our budget, we appreciate your kindness and much patience in dealing with our case. We would highly recommend Slomka Law firm to everyone we know! thank you Howie for everything! 10 plus service.”

- A.F.

“I would highly recommend this law firm. I wanted to consult an attorney before I got myself into a financial mess and he proposed a better route for me to take to avoid a bankruptcy. His previous experience helped me to have a better introspection of my situation. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

- Stephen W.


- Patricia Eubanks

“The Slomka Law Firm has helped me tremendously. They are very professional and timely with their appointment and filings. They kept me well informed through the entire process. I would recommend everyone that is seeking assistance for bankruptcy to The Slomka Law Firm.”

- Rusty Calley

“I had an amazing experience working with the Slomka Law Firm. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very unsettling and nervous process. The Slomka Law Firm provided all of the necessary information with class and compassion, helping to facilitate and bring ease to the process. I was able to make monthly payments towards my fees, and was able to effectively communicate with the staff if I had any concerns or questions. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for a competent, affordable, bankruptcy team!”

- Aja Martin

“My experience with The Slomka Law firm has been great so far. The Staff are great, they are very nice people. I would recommend their services to everyone I know!”

- Tina Grant

“The Slomka Law Firm has helped me tremendously and are a very informative law firm. I would recommend everyone that is seeking assistance for bankruptcy to The Slomka Law Firm.”

- Michele Cole

“Mr Slomka’s Law firm comes highly recommended, I am very happy working with him. Very friendly and everyone does an excellent job. I am very appreciative for their assistance and recommend his firm to anyone looking for financial assistance. I researched several firms and his friendly disposition and understanding of my issue really made the entire process easy. I owe a big thanks to the Slomka Law Firm.”

- A Google User